5 Steps to Reduce Your Legal Liability of an Employee Accident from PPE

Ill-fitting protective clothing and equipment is universally problematic in workplace safety. It deters workers from performing job-related tasks efficiently and safely. 

Many manufacturers are reluctant to invest in the research and development to produce correctly sized and proportioned products for ALL WORKERS. Ill-fitting protective equipment jeopardizes the health and safety of workers and their co-workers. Ill-fitting PPE does not protect at all. Using it is risky.

Employers are also responsible for ensuring the following:

  • The right type of PPE is selected for the job.
  • PPE fits workers and is comfortable under working conditions.
  • Workers are trained in how to use PPE.
  • PPE is regularly cleaned, inspected, and maintained.
  • PPE is properly stored when not in use. 

As an employer, you are responsible for providing and enforcing the use of personal protective equipment in your workplace, as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.