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A full list of what’s allowed when Ontario enters Step 2 of reopening June 30

Ontarians could get professional haircuts for the first time in months as of Wednesday, June 30, as the province enters into Step 2 of its reopening plan. But one of the largest openings on the entire list is within construction. Ontario will also have completely open construction sites, this is great news but comes with some warning signs. Maintaining the health of all workers will make sure everyone remains safe as well as continually COVID-free.

A full list of what’s allowed when Ontario enters Step 2 of reopening June 30

Importance of Proper COVID-19 Coverage

Many people have been affected by COVID-19 but on the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline that is set to replace the current 1,700 KM oil pipeline that runs from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin in the US 788 workers have been affected. According to the article, this outbreak potentially caused community spread as many workers were hired locally. A lack of organization and responsibility to take the proper actions led to this community spread, according to a local ex-worker.

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Heat Wave Threatens Construction Work

Due to the intense summer heat, many warnings have been put out for many parts of western Canada. This is a reminder that not all workplace hazards are COVID-related. Parts of B.C. are reporting over 100 cases of work-related injuries due to overheating. These numbers are quite drastic and thankfully many actions can be taken in order to maintain the proper health and safety of all employees.

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Burnaby construction workers urged to ‘just show up’ for drop-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Many clinics in Burnaby, B.C. are urging construction workers to “just show up” so that they can receive their vaccine. All that is required in these localized areas are your site key and hard hat. Although systems like this have not been put in place in Ontario it is a clear indication of the sheer importance of receiving your vaccine in order to keep your worksite safe.

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Lumber prices slowly easing after price spike during COVID-19, but Ontario companies face challenges

If you looked to undertake a renovation project at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, the odds are high you have noticed soaring prices for key items such as lumber. But good news these prices are slowly starting to come back down as COVID nears an end. This is great news for most construction sites as they have seen their prices rise drastically recently.

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General Construction Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Although COVID is supposedly nearing an end, there is no better time than now to make sure all precautions are being met to avoid another wave. This is especially true with variants spiking around the province. This should be the number one resource for all to understand what truly needs tot be done to prevent another pandemic.

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