Medical Treatment

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Injury Treatment and Management

At Fit For Work, we are offering an exclusive service with the goal of effectively treating injured workers in the most time efficient manner possible to minimize delays, costs and suffering to both workers and their employers.

We provide 24/7 rapid response on call service for our client companies’ occupational injuries by our three highly experienced physicians who can consult immediately with on-site supervisors or medical personnel. Every business and employee that we work with will have the benefit of facilitated care. Injured workers are seen the same or next day in our Corunna clinic, or expedited through the Emergency department at the hospital when necessary minimizing wait times and diagnosis delays.

Employers may choose to be billed directly for any services thus avoiding WSIB insurance costs.

We can expedite the process of seeing a specialist when needed, as well as diagnostic imaging referrals. We can assist with the completion of fitness to work forms (WSIB and/or Client), and accommodate modified return-to-work programs that accelerate recovery while remaining sensitive to OHSA and WSIB guidelines. We can also provide pre-employment physicals and testing

We work under the Occupational Health and Safety Act guidelines to provide effective clinical care and promote recovery while at the same time providing the aggressive management that helps minimize recordable workplace incidents where appropriate without compromising the healthcare of workers.

All of our physicians are fully insured through the Canadian Medical Protective Association, in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association (sections of Emergency and Addiction Medicine), the Canadian College of Family Physicians, have completed the foundations in occupational medicine course from the University of Alberta and are certified DOT Medical Review Officers.

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Alcohol and Drug Testing

We provide 24/7 alcohol and drug testing for post-incident, for cause and pre-employment or monitoring scenarios. Negative results are reported back to Clients/Supervisors within a few hours. We guarantee non-negative result confirmation within 48-72 business hours. Both DOT and non DOT testing is available by our MRO certified physicians.

Access to rapid rehabilitation and addiction services is available to our clients’ employees.

We also offer drug policy consultation for employers and can help design programs that are sensitive to industry needs.

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On Site Nursing

We can provide on site nursing and medical facilities for larger projects when required.

Our highly experienced occupational and acute care nurses work directly with Fit For Work physicians to streamline efficient healthcare delivery on the job site. This includes not only injury response but also assisting contractors and clients mitigate injuries maintain a safe workplace and provide assistance with wellness programs as needed.

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Mental Health

Fit for work has group of local dedicated mental health professionals who are rapidly available to help. Anxiety, depression, interpersonal issues and substance abuse are increasingly important in the workplace. Fit for work can have individuals seen and treated quickly and act as a liaison between employers and employees to obtain the best possible outcome for both parties.

We also have a crisis intervention team in place for major workplace incidents.

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Fit for Duty Assessments

We can provide pre-employment assessments and physicals as well as diagnostic investigations that may be necessary to determine an employee’s ability to perform his or her duty. This could include pulmonary function tests, ECG, and lab work.

We can consult with your company to design a program that’s right for you.

In addition, we can provide an Executive Medical program for Client Senior Managers as required.

Virtual Medical Care

Fit For Work provides comprehensive Virtual Medical Care. Our first priority is to ensure safety at every level.

Our highly experienced occupational and acute care nurses work directly with Fit For Work physicians to streamline efficient virtual healthcare delivery. Make sure your employees are taken care of the proper way.

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Safety Services

Fit For Work provides the availability of Safety Specialists who are able to assist your company in all aspects of Health and Safety Management. Specifically, we are able to assist in the following ways:

  1. Claims Management
    Fit For Work specialists will work with you to monitor individual WSIB claims to ensure that you safely bring injured workers back to work, reducing costs.
  1. Appeals/Tribunal Cases
    When workers appeal a WSIB ruling, you need to be ready to make a case to the Appeals Branch to dispute their appeal effectively. Also, if you are unhappy with a WSIB ruling on a case, you must also be able to effectively dispute their ruling. We can help in both cases.
  1. Return To Work Plan Development
    When a worker is off work or unable to perform their regular duties, you have an obligation to provide work that is safe and of value to your company as soon as possible. We can help develop effective return to work plans that reduce your exposure to costs associated with claims.
  1. Job Site Assessments specifically related to Return to Work
    As part of the development of RTW plans, it is important to know the types of work that can be made available to an injured worker. We can assess your jobsite to help you determine the best path and determine any modifications that may need to be made to the jobsite to ensure that the returning worker is safe.
  1. Physical Demand Analysis related to Return to Work
    It is important to know the requirements of a job and how the injured worker can fit into that job. We can evaluate specific jobs to determine the physical demands required for performing the work and, working with the FFW Physicians, determine the workers’ ability to perform that job with appropriate modifications.
  1. Surveillance of individuals related to Return to Work
    Sometimes, workers who are injured at work misrepresent their abilities in order to remain off work while getting paid by the WSIB. We are able to do surveillance on those workers that you are wary of and determine if they are doing things outside of work that they claim they can not do at work.
  1. Generalized Job Site Assessments
    Even if you do not have an injured worker that you are trying to return to work, sometimes you just need a little help evaluating the jobsite to determine the risks and appropriate controls to put in place to prevent people from getting hurt at work. We can assist in these general assessments as well.
  1. Training
    Fit For Work and our associates can provide training to your Supervisors and Workers on a number of topics that are important to your business. One of our most popular topics is supervisor training to recognize reasons for reasonable cause drug testing.